Since the release of ArmA talented addon makers in our community have been busy making new additions to the game even with the total lack of an SDK. Kudos to these guys for trying. Since we have already missed many releases. I thought I’d post the some of the latest releases.
Our very own McNools has worked with ocramweb to bring us a desert version of Sahrani ‘light’ (which was included in the ArmA demo). With this Nools had teamed up with Soul Catcher and have released two desert vehicles pack, One for the US side. The other for the SLA side. You can check out these releases on the BI Forums. If you wanna enjoy more fun video  games to be on – Visit braodds here

The BI thread can be found here.

US Desert Vehicles pack thread.

SLA Desert pack thread.RHS’s MI-24 Hind for ofp has become a bit of an Icon. Well now you can enjoy the awesome helicopter in ArmA!

ShadowNX had this to say:
Here it is, the thing most of you were waiting for… the Hind pack for ArmA!Its still kinda beta but should work pretty good already and we done what we could without the tools.Those who already know the OFP one will notice that nearly all textures were edited or redone, i think i finally found the right colours that i already wanted to have in the OFP version.
More infomation can be found here on the BI forums.
Last bit of news for now is some screenshots of the interesting work the BWMOD are working on. Included here are the Leopard 2 MBT & Wiesel 2. More info and screens can be found on their forums.

Source: BI Forums & ArmedAssault Info
Falkland’s Mod v1.0 Release! - by Monty[VCB] 9:52PM, 27/Apr/07

A few weeks ago. CBFASI & the rest of the Falklands team have decided to release their mod after so many years in development. were one of the first websites to give the Falklands team coverage in those early years of OFP and we are pleased that the Mod has finally been released to the public. Mind you CBFASI has stated that it has been released in a unfinnished form and will be updated over the course of the year. There has already been a number of patches since release. Go to their website for more infomation.

As you may have noticed this is the first piece of news this website has had in a nearly a year now. This was mainly due to an error with the news posting system that has now been corrected. We plan to continue to report all of the latest news or OFP, the newly released title Armed Assault and Bohemia Interactive’s ‘GAME2′

Source: BI Forums
Operation Flashpoint Anniversary - by PureMassacre 9:50PM, 26/Jun/06
Bohemia Interactive Studio have posted a 5 year press release, to celebrate the 5th birthday of Operation Flashpoint. The press release contain several hi-res pictures and a video of Armed Assault.
Eurofighter Typhoon Beta Released - by PureMassacre 2:12AM, 22/Jun/06
HardRock has released a beta of his Eurofighter Typhoon on the BI Forums. For more information head over to this thread. Please read the readme before you use it.This addon features the Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft together with ACES (AirCraft Equipment Standard), which was planned to provide new capabilities for aircraft addons. Both addons are in an unfinished stage, a final release is not planned.The desicion of the release of these two addons relies on the fact, that both addons have been lying on my hard-disk since 2003 without many particular changes. It was always planned to fully release them, but I never succeeded.

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